If someone were to approach me 10 years ago and asked  “Are you into Photography?” I would have probably looked at him/her like they had lost their marbles! The reason is that I practically grew up with a rugby ball in my hands and that was my passion and scoring tries and kicking balls through rugby posts is where I drew my adrenalin rush from.

Well, until I had a horrific accident on the field and fractured my leg in two places it was.  That day I thought to myself that the world as I knew it has definitely ended.  Although it did end my rugby career it sure made for some exciting new ventures I could not even imagine!!

After purchasing my first camera online late in 2009 I started experimenting and playing around and it just escalated and I fell in love.  Not only with the camera, but suddenly my eyes opened and it was as if I had been blind all my life.  My appreciation for nature just grew immensely.

Today, four years later, I find myself pouring that same passion I had for rugby into my photography and enjoying every magical moment mother nature has to offer.  I live for the golden hours of the days and try to shoot my images in the best light possible.

I hope you enjoy my images as much as I enjoy sharing them with you.